Friday, May 4, 2012

Google Summer of Code!

My last post was two months ago, but I waited for a decision on my Google Summer of Code application before making a new blog post.

... and I was accepted :-) Awesome!
I will be posting updates on this page.

However, MediaWiki switched from SVN to Git and Gerrit, which makes developing a lot more difficult...

Also, MediaWiki 1.20wmf1 was deployed to Wikimedia wikis. For Incubator, this also brought Special:SearchWiki, which you can use to search for a wiki by selecting the project and entering a language name/code. If recognised, this will redirect you to the wiki if it exists and if it doesn't, it will redirect to the test wiki on Incubator.

In late March, several new wikis were created. The Lezgian Wikipedia, which I had fully imported within an hour after it's creation :P, the Belarusian and Gujarati Wikisource and the Slovenian Wikiversity, all three were imported by MF-Warburg.

The Translate extension was already enabled on Incubator back in February, but since then we updated more pages to that system, so again, anyone is encouraged to help with translating :)

Apparently I wasn't involved with much other wiki stuff except for regular Wikipedia editing (plus, in real life, I went skiing for a week without any access to the internet! :D).