Sunday, April 5, 2009

New language editions of Wikimedia projects

I love languages. I'm active at Wikimedia projects.
The combination is simple: I help with the process to set up new language editions of Wikimedia projects. In the past, when I didn't even know of Wikipedia, you just had to ask a developer and your wiki was created. Now it takes a very long time, and you're even very lucky if your wiki is created. But that's somehow logical: big languages already have Wikipedias, and now it's time for smaller languages with fewer potential contributors.
So now the process is complicated, and information is on both Meta and Incubator.
I wanted to make one simple "tutorial" that you have to follow and that explains as much as possible, as simple as possible. I created it at the Toolserver.
Meanwhile the first request has been submitted using my tool, and I have the feeling it really helps (though I can't know what people think :p)


jacksmith said...

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